Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Sketch, 2 Layouts

Hi! Do you ever get inspiration for a project while you are out somewhere? This beautiful, perfectly done sketch was drawn while I was in the car one afternoon waiting to pick Breuklyn up from school.

I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad for some random clothing store. It used three pictures in a row across the center of the page. I really liked the way that it looked, so I sketched out the idea on a scrap sheet of paper. Actually, this is the back of my Sonic receipt. Route 44 Diet Coke, anyone?

This was the layout that resulted from the sketch. Sketches are great because they don't necessarily have to be followed. They are merely an idea, a guideline. Just because I thought that I wanted the title on the bottom right doesn't mean that I will actually put it there.

When I sat down to work on my next layout, I still really liked the idea of the 3 horizontal pictures. I just re-worked the sketch so that it worked for what I wanted. This is why sketches are so versatile.

Another fun trick from this layout: I used the Basic Grey Urban Prairie self-adhesive chipboard pieces (the flowers and the butterfly) and flipped them upside down. I sprinkled glitter onto the self-adhesive side. Easy peasy. It's an easy way to make a fun embellishment.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We'll be back soon with lots of February layouts!

Friday, January 23, 2009

January's Online Class is Up and Running

I had a ball making this month's project for the Get it Done Forum. I made a cute little shadowbox which has been "stolen" by my oldest daughter. I think she has good taste. Wink.
You can view the tutorial here:
Until next time... P.S. Jenny's Flood The Gallery Party is coming soon. Get scrappin and stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Member Spolight

Check out this awesome card from the Mosh Posh gallery using January's kit...

The moment this card was posted in the gallery, I fell in love with it!

Congratulations floridagirl on having your work selected as the member spolight for January. Your "bee mine" card is the cutest... so cute and so clever!

January Card Challenge...

My Challenge for you this month is make a card for someone! It can be a thank you card or just a card saying, "hello" with some type of trim on it. And you need to make sure you use almost all Mosh Posh Kit products from either this month or previous month kits.

Below are two examples (until I get mine photographed and posted tomorrow) - one is from this months kit and the other from a past kit. And girls - if you look in the gallery, Jenny and Estee made some really beautiful cards if you need some ideas too!!

I will be giving a sweet rak which will also include a very cute acrylic birdie stamp - plus lots of other fun stuff too!

For this card I used supplies from 3 different Mosh Posh Kits, added the pom poms, sticker and bling

Friday, January 9, 2009

January Layout Sketch

Happy New Year!!!

Many of us are probably feeling instantly "behind" in our attempts to scrapbook memories from 2008. It seems with each passing year, the pictures keep being collected and the pages aren't as fast, right? So, since we all have piles of photos to catch up on, why not start using layout sketches to make your scrapping faster? It takes some of the thinking out of the process, and it's a nice break. At 9 months pregnant, I can really appreciate a break!!!

Anyways... this month's sketch uses 2 stacked 4x6 photos and minimal embellishments. It's a quick page to assemble, and easy to adapt to your needs. I sketched it out twice for you so you can see how it can be rotated 90 degrees for your vertical photos. Also, you can check out the Design Team Gallery under the "Liftable Layouts" category to see how a few of us used the sketch. Lisa K even turned it into a 2 page layout! Here's the link to the gallery: CLICK HERE.

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