Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Card Challenge...

My Challenge for you this month is make a card for someone! It can be a thank you card or just a card saying, "hello" with some type of trim on it. And you need to make sure you use almost all Mosh Posh Kit products from either this month or previous month kits.

Below are two examples (until I get mine photographed and posted tomorrow) - one is from this months kit and the other from a past kit. And girls - if you look in the gallery, Jenny and Estee made some really beautiful cards if you need some ideas too!!

I will be giving a sweet rak which will also include a very cute acrylic birdie stamp - plus lots of other fun stuff too!

For this card I used supplies from 3 different Mosh Posh Kits, added the pom poms, sticker and bling


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