Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March's Kit Debut Date

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know the March Kit will be up on the site on Monday, March 2nd. It is going to be full of new product, so it'll be worth the wait :) Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Git-R-Done Challenge Update

I'm back! Just because Estee's Blog Party is over doesn't mean the fun is done. I've been working on my own challenge. Did anyone else make any head way on theirs? Besides my December Daily git-r-done challenge, I challenged myself to do some event scrapbooking too. Event scrapbooking is so dang hard for me. I don't know about you, but as much as I try I never seem to get enough good pictures on the big event days like birthdays and holidays. So, I'm pleased with my progress on some of this the past week.

The December Daily is complete. I'm thrilled. That month just flies by. And this way we'll always remember those little things that made this December so special and unique to our family. How did YOU do on your challenge? Would love to see more pictures and posts in our Member Gallery of what you are getting done.

Here's a peek or two into mine...

Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Embellishment Prize Pack Winner is!!!!

Cherrie!!!!! Are we surprised? This girl sent 20 people over to the Blog Party, she used sketches, made cards and was with us every step of the way!! You rocked the Blog Party my friend! Email me at EsteeLynn at gmail dot com so that I can get your prize pack out to you!!!

We will be back to announce the winner of the contest to pick our March theme, so stay tuned!

Congrats again Cherrie!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog Party!!! Final Day! Let's Scraplift!

Do you scraplift? I find so much inspiration online - blogs, message boards and online galleries. There is just so much out there!

As soon as I saw Michelle's layout, Our Tree, I just knew that I wanted to scraplift it. I love the way that she used the blocks of paper on her layout and framed them in with the red patterned paper. I also loved the circle embellishment that she used. I love everything about it.

This is my scraplift. The colors are really off because I had to use my indoor lighting since it has been raining all day, but you get the idea. I cut out a frame from patterned paper and created blocks of patterned paper inside. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Michelle!!

Have you seen any amazing layouts lately that you want to scraplift? Leave us some links so that we can be inspired too!

You have all day tomorrow to get caught up with our Blog Party and I will be announcing the winner on Monday! I am still getting caught up with leaving comments on blogs and checking out layouts, but I am working on it! :) Thank you SO much for a fun week!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Party - Theme! (And a contest!)

Have you ever noticed that we have a section in the Design Team Gallery that is designated for our theme of the month? For February our theme is Together. I think that it was the perfect theme for February, don't you?

I love this layout by Jenny Dziekan. I love the strips of paper and how she staggered the title.

I love to see how everyone uses the theme. Lisa Houpt used it as part of her title, instead of having it stand alone as the title. And how cute are her circles??

Lisa Kremer created this layout. I love, love, love how she used the paper for her journaling and how cool are the strips of paper for the flower?

Have you seen the Mosh Posh sneak peek for March? We need a theme for March!

Let's hear your ideas!! If we use your idea as our theme for March, I will send you some of the brand new Jenni Bowlin chipboard buttons and pearl flowers! Can't wait to hear what you think of!!!

Blog Party - Card Challenge!

What do you do with all of the beautiful scraps of paper that you have at the end of a project? Do you make your own cards? I love to create something on a smaller scale and there is the added bonus that someone is going to be so excited to get something in the mail!

Lisa Kremer created this beautiful card for us. I love how she used the ink and the strip of ribbon!

Our lovely Jenny Dziekan created this sweet card. I love the pinked edges and the three dimensional heart. SO cute!

Lisa Houpt created this card. Don't you just love the pom pom trimming? Such fun, bright colors!

This one is mine. All of those Christmas gifts required lots and lots of thank you cards!

Here is your challenge: Create a card! You have until Sunday, February 22nd to create a card using your Mosh Posh kit. Anyone who completes this challenge will receive an extra 5 chances for the Embellishment Prize Pack!! Just leave a link here to your completed cards. I can't wait to see what you create!

Update 2/20
Check out this card that Cherrie made for the challenge!!!
I love, love, love how she used the ribbon at the bottom of the card! And check out that flower!!! Cherrie, you are awesome!

Sarah!! What a beautiful card! I love the glittery flowers and I love the sentiment. Much appreciated. What a great card to send to someone! Sarah combined scraps from the February and July 2008 Mosh Posh kits. Way to use those scraps!!!!

Oh, Michelle!!! This card is beautiful!!! And you say that you don't make cards? You need to start! I love the texture and I love that bow!!!

Holly, this is such a gorgeous little card!! I LOVE the color scheme and I love the embellishments that you chose. Beautiful!

Let's see those cards!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Party - Our Members Rock!!!

Just check out some of these awesome layouts from the Mosh Posh Member's Gallery!!!

janiceandcompany - Marlee and Me. Don't you love how she used the flowers?? And the buttons! What a sweet layout!!!

Iam - Bonbon Land. I really love how she included the space for journaling and I love the arrangement of pictures!

Candylou - Change. There is *so* much to love about this layout. The design is gorgeous. I love the frames!!!
Michelle - Our Tree. I love everything about this!! I love the rounded corners, the overall design and how she used multiple pictures. Love it!

We love to see how our members are using our kits. You inspire us! If you have a Mosh Posh layout that needs some love and attention, be sure to leave us a link!!

Check back tomorrow for a Card Challenge!! :) (And remember!! Each time you leave us a comment, you get another chance for the Embellishment Prize Pack!!!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Git-R-Done Challenge

Hey you guys. It's Jenny stopping by the Blog Party to ask you to join me in a little something. I'm the Queen of starting something I'm really loving and feeling inspired by and not getting it done. Or, worse yet, planning something amazing while laying awake at 3 am and not even starting it. I'd like you to come along with me and finish something YOU want to get done.

Like some of you, I was inspired by Ali Edward's December Daily she posted on her blog in December 2008. I was so loving it, that this past November, I built the guts of one, with the hopes of completing it this past December. Guess what? It's still not done. By the time the 8 Christmas trees were packed up at my house the Daily sat unfinished. So sad, such a great snippet of our life was sitting undone. This past Friday I dragged it to a crop with friends...
and almost finished it. I'm going to journal it and add a couple of missing embellies before the end of the month.

What are YOU going to finish? If you'd like to join me please post here your intentions and I look forward to following your progress in our Members' Gallery. You guys can hold me to it as I post updates here and detail shots on my personal blog. I'd like to have a friend or two on this journey. Who's with me?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Party - Inspiration!

Where do you find inspiration? Do you read scrapbooking or fashion magazines? Do you browse blogs and message board galleries?

I was cleaning up after breakfast this morning and looked up at my Countdown to Valentine's Day banner. I am so sad to have to take it down. I was looking at the twine that I strung it up with and thought, "Hmmm... I bet that twine would be so cute with the February kit." See? Inspiration.
And two online episodes of Desperate Housewives later, I was done! I love it when a layout comes together. Making your own embellishments is a great way to stretch the patterned paper that comes in a kit, plus it is a great way to use scraps that you already have. The patterned papers are always so pretty that I never want to throw away the scraps! :)

Where do you find your inspiration? Let's discuss!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Party - Sketch!

First of all, thank you SO much for all of the comments!!! We are all so excited to see so many people stopping by! Posting on this thread gets you another chance for the Giveaway, so be sure to comment here for another chance!

Every month one of the design team members posts a sketch that we use for inspiration. Lisa Kremer gave us this sketch this month, and it was so easy to use! I love easy sketches that are easy to adapt for our individual needs. You can find the design team's layouts HERE in the gallery.

This layout was created by Lisa Houpt, based on the sketch. I love the cute little x's that she stitched into the corner and I am loving all of the flowers!

This is my layout. One way to stretch your cardstock is to trace a piece of shaped patterned paper onto a piece of cardstock. There are lots of cool shaped papers out there right now. (Making Memories and Jenni Bowlin are just two that come to mind) I love the look that it gives the cardstock.

Have you read all about our Blog Party? If you use this sketch for a Mosh Posh layout, you will get an extra 3 chances to win the Red and Pink Embellishment Prize Pack! Just leave us a link to your layout.

(Also, we would love to see your Mosh Posh layouts! If you have links to your Mosh Posh layouts, be sure to leave us a link. We will be doing a member spotlight later this week and would love to show off your layouts!)

Are you ready for Monday?? Enjoy the last moments of the weekend! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

BLOG PARTY!!! (And there is a PRIZE!)

Mosh Posh is having a Blog party!!! We are really enjoying having a blog and we want you to be excited too! Have you posted on our blog? Do you know how? Let's discuss.

It's easy to post a comment!!! You are here, so you already succeeded in the first step! Now you can read, read, read about all of the things that the design team is doing with the kit, you can check out our challenges, you can see the giveaways that we are having, or you can read about some of our members in the Member Spotlight. Sounds good, right? Do you want to leave a comment? Great. Click on where it says, "comments." See it? Right down at the bottom of this post. It may say 3 comments, 0 comments or maybe even 300 comments (hee hee!). Once you click, it will take you to the comments screen.

Do you have a google/blogger ID? If you do, then you are all set. Leave us a comment. Tell us how much you love your kit, what the weather is like at your house, or what you ate for breakfast. We want to hear it all! If you don't have a google/blogger ID, you will need to sign up for one. It is super easy and you don't have to have a blog to get an ID. It just makes it possible for you to leave comments.

Why don't we have the ability to leave comments anonymously, you ask? I'm so glad you asked. If we open our blog up to anonymous comments, then we get the spammers again. I don't know about you, but I have all the onyx jewelry and silver cleaner that I could possibly use, so the spammers are all kinds of unnecessary. We don't want spammers and we don't want to expose you to spammers, so signing in with an ID just makes everyone's lives easier. Plus, then if you get crazy one day and decide to start a blog, then you will already have the first step done! I really do need more blogs to read, you know.

OK. Did you get all of that? Are you ready for the fun stuff now? The Blog Party. And the prize.

This week, Sunday, February 15 - Saturday, February 21, I will post a new blog every day. We have lots of fun things to share with you and I am really hoping to get to know some of the amazing people on Mosh Posh. To bribe you to come visit our blog, I am going to offer a PRIZE for one very luck winner. Since we are all madly in love for Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to give away a red & pink embellishment prize pack. The prize includes:

Scenic Route - Loveland Chipboard
Rhonna Farrer - French Twist rub-ons
Rhonna Farrer - Spring Fling rub-ons
Anerican Crafts - letter stickers
Bazzill - Really Big chips
Cosmo Cricket - alphabet book
Love, Elsie - chipboard album
5 Maya Road - acrylic sheers, journaling spots
Pink Art Glitter
12 yards of ribbon (4 colors)
Queen and Company - Pink felt ribbon
25 American Crafts - acrylic hearts
25 Assorted pink and red buttons
25 Fancy Pants felt shapes

That's 93 pieces of embellishment glory just for leaving a comment! What could be easier than that? AND it gets better!

- If you send a friend to leave a comment, have them say, "XXXX sent me!" and you get an added chance to win!
- If you add a post on your blog about the Mosh Posh Blog Party, then you get 2 extra chances to win! (just be sure to leave a comment so that we can check it out!)
- If you add the Mosh Posh blog banner that our lovely Brook made to your blog, (which you can find here: Image ) then you get 2 extra chances to win! Just rick-click to save the image to your computer and then add it your blog. (be sure to let us know that you did it!)

Whew! Did you get it all? You don't have to comment on every post, but you can post each day. Even just by posting each day, you will have 7 chances to win the embellishment prize pack! Let's get excited about Mosh Posh and let's have some fun getting to know each other!!! :)

(I will post the winner and a few extra prize winners (wink, wink) on Monday, February 23rd)

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