Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind!

Hi there Mosh Posh fans! It's Monday, Manic Monday to be exact. If you are like me, right about now you are preparing dinner, doing homework, or bathing someone...sound familiar? Well, in our hectic lives it can sometimes be hard to fit in our most precious hobby. So tonight, amongst all of my craziness, I am going to let you in on one of my favorite secrets...the grid layout! I must say that at first I kinda thought that the grid was not my cup of tea. I believed it was too boxy and symmetrical for my taste. But after designing for Mosh Posh in June, I realized that when you are in a pinch, it can be a girl's best friend. See, I am a very slow scrapper, it truly has nothing to do with my IQ, I just love the details. I received my glorious June kit and got right to work. Details, details, details were everywhere...I was having the best time. But in the last days of marathon scrapping, I began to worry if I would make the deadline with ALL of my layouts complete. My BFF suggested, "Why not do a grid layout?" Seriously, that was all it took. Now, when I am in a rut...I scrapbook a grid layout. When I am in a pinch for time...I scrapbook a grid layout. When I am low on supplies...I scrapbook a grid layout!

Here is a look back to June when I scrapbooked a traditional grid layout.

"Got Class?"

I created the grid by cutting 2 X 2 squares of the beautiful Jenny Bowlin patterned paper, inked the sides, and added a touch of hand-stitching to make myself feel better about the details...remember? What really surprised me the most, was that the layout was not at all boxy and symmetrical. Yes, it is cleaner than my usual creations, but fun to boot. Here is a look at a different take on the grid layout...using the September kit.

"The Best of Friends"

That's the BFF that gave me the good advice. Learn to like her, were like peanut butter and jelly...we are always stuck together. This time, I actually choose to do this layout...a grid layout with circles, rather than squares. I believe it was the perfect way to accent the precious Lily Bee paper.

So, there ya go. I think ALL of the Mosh Posh girls did a variation of a grid layout. You can check them out HERE. So girls if you are pressed for time, in a rut, or have just never gave it a is your chance. Let me see what cha got!


Aphra September 28, 2009 at 9:26 PM  

You can sure work that grid, too, girl! LOVE these layouts. Especially that second one. LOL! Oh, and what am I? The peanut butter or the jelly? Tee hee!

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