Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Gallery is Up!

Check out the gallery for April here. This month we were so happy to have Guest Designer Jing Jing Nickel join us...I've always admired her work and am so in awe of what she came up with using this month's kit. Here is one favorite of mine, be sure to check them all out in the gallery!

I always enjoy what Laina comes up with...and this month was of course no different. Check out all that's going on here on her layout titled "First Lost Tooth." There are so many techniques and lots of product on the page but it totally works and I love it! Thanks Laina for sharing all your beautiful work with us each and every month.

Amy's pages are just a delight this month (and every month!). I love how she scrapped so many of her Disney photos using this month's kit. The bright colors and fun patterns were a perfect fit for them. I love how she adds inks and sprays to her work too...I see a request for a tutorial on how she uses them!

I, of course enjoyed playing with this month's kit as well and have nothing but scraps left to show for it! =) That's always a good sign!


Vicky April 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM  

Beautiful Layouts everyone!

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