Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Essential Scrapping Tool

I have lots of tools I must have to create a page: x-acto knife, straight edge, various adhesives, punches (I love punches). But the one I consider my most essential is my computer.

Yes, that is it. (The desk is only that clean about once a year.)

I use it in almost every stage of creating layouts. In the very beginning, I use it to edit photos. Then I use those photos in a quick mock layout in Photoshop. I pop photos, colored shapes standing in for patterned paper, journaling, title into a PS document to figure out the overall design.

After that's done, I print the journaling out on cardstock, and the photos in the appropriate sizes. While referencing the screen layout, I build the rest of the page, using real patterned paper and embellishments. Half of the time, the finished product looks just like the mock layout. And there are those times when I change everything. But either way, it's nice to have worked out some design issues before I stick things down permanently.

Sometimes, I print journaling and photos together (I use photo paper when I do that). I finish the layout by adding little details using paper/embellishments. Super time saver!

In this layout, I added the title, the teeny strip of paper at the bottom, and the heart epoxy detail on top.

In this one, I added strips of blue and orange paper, the fork, the heart, and then rubbed on the title (on photo, to the left).

And for this layout, I printed the photos together on one sheet, leaving space for patterned paper. Saved me from having to print individual photos, cut them out, and glue them back together on a grid (which would require this annal retentive scrapbooker to break out a T-square to make sure the photos are straight).

What is your favorite scrapbooking tool? How do you use it? Please share with us. Also, join us on Flickr and share your layouts.



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