Friday, June 11, 2010


In one of the add-ons this month, there is a lovely sheet of Basic Grey Doily Paper. I must confess I was a little nervous about that. I'm not a lacy person in general. I don't do lace on clothing or on paper! But that sheet was beautiful and speaking to me. So I plunged in, and played around with it, and ended up with this layout:

I punched little circles of patterned paper and layered them behind the doily paper. Then I added the journaling strips on pop-up dots, and tucked the wishes inside some of the lacey openings. The whole page is backed by kraft paper. It's not a page one would usually expect from me. But I love it anyway. It pushed me outside my comfort zone, which is why I love working with a kit.

More ideas? Here is how Jen used her doily paper:

Note that it looks like a letter size sheet! She only needed that much to highlight the lovely block of photo/ribbon/paper/flowers. So Jen cut the paper up, and joined them carefully. You can't really tell where it's split. So clever!

And she used the cut off chunk as a nice textural layer in this layout:

Laina also had lace details in her layouts:

First with a punched lacey edge, and then with layers of cream colored paper punched, stacked, and stitched on to create a very delicate detail to be discovered. So pretty!

Amy also used that same edge punch (which now I must have!):

Just a teeny bit of laceyness. Which is the perfect amount for this adorable layout about those ever-present Silly Bandz! (Also note she also used garlands! She posted about that yesterday. And I'm going to use them soon.)

So there you have it. A few different ways to use lacey details in layouts. And note, they are not just for girl-themed pages! You can use a lot of it, or very little. But either way, it adds a nice punch.

Share your layouts with us at our Flickr group! Hope you have a great weekend!


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