Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back 2 School Photos

This morning,  Jenn's last post (and your comments) about what to do with birthday photos was front and center in my mind. That's because I was taking photos of my two oldest holding signs for first day of school. I've been doing this since my oldest went to preschool at age 3. Today, he was taking off to 6th grade. Not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to do this. Especially now that he's heading into the teen years, and gets embarrassed easily. But I did warn him that I'd be trying to do this until 12th grade.

As the bus drove off, and I came in with the camera, I started thinking about all these photos I've taken of the kids posing with a piece of paper (it says the school year each kid is in, the school name, the teacher's name, and the date), and what am I going to do with those.

So far, I've done one layout with some of the photos I've taken over the years.

I'm thinking I'll do three more to cover the years between this layout and high school graduation. Piggy-backing on Jenn's ideas, I was thinking that a mini-book with a page for each year, and info such as teacher's name, best friend, favorite subject would be a fun keepsake too.

Any other suggestions? Do you take photos of your kids' first day of school? Do you scrapbook them? Please share!



{VICKI} September 7, 2010 at 12:57 PM  

Yes, I take photos on the first day--and through out the year--I have a school album that I scrap the photos!

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